adventures with Jen Olson

Girls day out on Kitty Hawk

Claire and Sonja in front of Kitty Hawk

I am super grateful to Sarah Hueniken for a terrific day out ice climbing guiding on one of her phenomenal weekends for chicks. I got to climb with Sonja and Claire on an ultra-classic Canadian Rockies ice climb called Kitty Hawk.


me enjoying a relaxed day out!

I thoroughly enjoyed the company of two skilled ice climbing women who I find interesting to chat to about their successful careers. We had low avalanche hazard, reasonable temperatures, just enough clouds, a well packed trail, lots of hooks and no other traffic. WOW! beat that. ; )


The first belay at the base of the steep climbing. A well-protected alcove.


Claire finishing the first steep pitch


Sonja enjoying herself on one of her ‘dream climbs’


me starting up the crux pitch looking down on the girls at the belay. the unicorn climb in the background


the crux pitch



yay, we crushed it! : )


So beautiful : )

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