adventures with Jen Olson

Ice Climbing Seminars in Norway


A wonderful group of athletic women who learned a little bit more about ice climbing.

One of the highlights of my trip to Norway was teaching over 2 weekends in Rjukan. I met very talented and experienced ice climbers from Scotland and Norway. We all learned a lot and had a blast exploring the frozen waterfalls of the Rjukan area.


The fantastic venue for learning in Rjukan, Norway


The famous tool traverse… working on our footwork and body position for ice chippin’


Of course we had to try out some drytooling, as well

Siri crushing the stone 😉 like she owned the speed climbing competition at the Rjukan Ice Festival


Oda figuring it out 🙂


It did get hot for a few minutes and we took full advantage of the power of vitamin D


talking about twisting our hips and flicking our wrists


Hanna-Kajsa, a Swedish climbing guide and I, enjoyed working together 🙂


Me, when it wasn’t as warm, getting the rope up


Enjoying the sun, while cleaning the ropes and demonstrating skirt climbing 😉

I taught a lead climbing clinic to Lisa and Debbie from Scotland the previous weekend. We had perfect conditions and climbs for our objectives.


Debbie cruising up a grade 3 at the lower gorge


Lisa has a strong swing and complete confidence in her tools 🙂

This was one of my most favorite trips ever. I was so inspired by the women and the local landscapes of Norway. I know I will be back next year.



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