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High Route from Chamonix to Zermatt

prepping for the glaciers

Great trails in all weather conditions

Amazing wildflowers this year

sometimes the bad weather makes for beautiful waterfalls and fog

The Mont Blanc

A photo story of climbing this prolific mountain from the Cosmiques Hut on the traverse of the three summits.

Mont Blanc from Lac des Cheserys

Early Morning Light on the Tacul du Mont Blanc

Weaving through the seracs on the Tacul du Mont Blanc

Perfect conditions despite the storm

the traverse from the tacul to the maudit

the technical cruxes of the route lie on the Mont Maudit

Pitched climbing on the Maudit

Amazing views of the Aiguille du Midi rising above the clouds

Castles in the Sky

SUMMIT! despite challenging winds, late start and adverse conditions ; )

descending the Gouter ridge

On the way down from the Tete Rousse hut in the morning

Walking the tracks when the train is under repair

On a recent trip, we summitted the Tacul du Mont Blanc under adverse conditions:

Walking out of the Aiguille du Midi requires full concentration

winds on the summit ridge

turn the volume down ; )

climbing to the summit of the tacul

a grateful summit without wind

rush hour on the aiguille du midi

Chicks with Picks in Ouray, Colorado

never enough jackets ; )

Nice form Beth!

Ya Maiija, rockin it

Diane showing us how its done : )

Kim and Angela are VIC's (very important chicks)another challenge

Good times

Mt. Assiniboine in all its Glory

the mission

Michael and Jen

Barry Blanchard

Kai Larson

from the hind hut

perfect cramponing for the first third : )

Wakey Wakey, the sun is up and its a glorious day

takin a coffee break ; )

where the difficulties begin : )

Kai gettin busy

such a hard life, this mountain godding : )

Nearing the summit ridge

Yea! We made it... half way ; )

the spectacular east face beckons

you're faking it well, Michael ; )

A photo essay of an amazing trip to Mt. Assiniboine September 29, 2010. Unexpected good conditions and travel partners made this ascent serendipitous…..

A big thanks to Michael Penny who brought us up here, and my fellow mountain guide Barry and partner, Kai for blazing the path whilst entertaining us.

A big kudos to Sepp Renner and the lodge staff for all the support, including heli’s!


Chris, the Bugaboos and a Grizzly Bear

Chris and I recently went to the Bugaboos and had a great adventure involving lots of fresh snow and a hungry grizzly bear.

starting in the RAIN

It wasn’t too hot or too buggy on our rainy hike up to the Kain Hut : )

a rest before the final leg up to the hut

its not hard to get your pack on the hangar with a meter of snow under your feet

On July 3, we hike up to Eastpost Spire via Appleby campground where there was a meter of snow still! We had about 20cm foot pen in the new fresh snow. Very skiiable.

a wee bit of neige

Summit Photo!

I summitted too!

We decided to make a day of getting back to the car and so we headed over the Brenta-Cobalt Lake Sattelite Spire Col to Cobalt Lake.

Chris said he would of gone for a swim if it was warmer ; )

Then the Grizzly incident. He was not scared of us. There was no bluff charge. He just wanted what he smelled and it was coming from our direction and that was all.

hungry bear

After Chris scared the bear off we got ourselves up and over Black Forest ridge and onto the donkey trail back to the trailhead. Good times.

we hollered for bears all the way back to the trailhead ; )

Thanks for the trip Chris. A Grand Adventure.

Multi-pitch Skills

Cecile and Corina learning the ropes

Cecile and Corina learning the ropes

By breaking up some classic crack climbs into shorter pitches, we can learn a ton, in a very short time, about transitions on multi-pitch climbs. We had great weather and a super fun time learning these skills late in the summer in Squamish.

Tantalus Range in July 2009

The clouds made for a interesting day, no boring blue sky :  )

The clouds made for a interesting day, no boring blue sky : )

I recently visited the Tantalus Range and the Jim Haberl Hut. What a fantastic place! We climbed Dione and Serratus. We had near perfect conditions and weather, as well as a working BBQ at the hut for a steak dinner.

Dave Thorburn joined me and we thoroughly enjoyed the views, the climbing and the luxury of the Jim Haberl Hut.

Sunrise on Serratus

Sunrise on Serratus
Steep snow Climbing

Steep snow Climbing

Tantalus and Dione in the background

Tantalus and Dione in the background

Jim Haberl Hut

Jim Haberl Hut

Chicks on Crack 2009

Lynn, Ilze, MC, Karen, Ella, Shannon and Cecile

Back: Lynn, Ilze, MC, Karen, Ella, Shannon & Cecile Front: Jen, Jasmin & Kinley

Challenge and Fun were the two main sentiments from the weekend. Everyone (including me ; ) ) got their butt handed to them by some challenging, but exquisite granite crack. The women of the All Sizes Crack Climbing weekend did not get off easy, but lots of learning was had in a fun and supportive environment.

We learned how to jam fingers, hands, cups, fists, off-widths and chimneys. The Smoke Bluffs and the Chief  had many cracks for us to get schooled on.

Karen chimneying like a demon

Karen chimneying like a demon

Shannon jamming up a storm

Shannon jamming up a storm

Cecile cranking the crack

Cecile cranking the crack

Our egos and bodies got bruised, but our muscles and awareness got toned and tuned into what it takes to get up these ‘holdless’ cracks.

Showing off the hard work and tenacity

Showing off the hard work and tenacity

Thanks to the participants for their determination and great attitudes and to the guides for their skill and expertise. Looking forward to many more days of kung fu fighting with talented aspiring crack specialists!

Thanks to Blurr for the hats, headbands and t-shirts that made us look SO good  AND to LaSportiva for the t-shirts, stickers and SHOES that made us climb like lizards.


Jen hard at work

Jen hard at work


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